KPMG Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program

The KPMG Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program is an international offering from only BIG 4 Consulting firm recognized across 147 countries around the globe. It is a 4 day training program conducted by distinguished KPMG consultants leading to a professional certification. The T&P Cell promotes and supports the conduction of this training program for the students of Assam Engineering College. This certification is embraced by most Fortune 500 companies and helps in enhancing the career prospects of the students. It is a matter of great pride for the T&P Cell, AEC, to be associated with KPMG through the KPMG Campus Ambassador. The T&P Cell hopes to make this association stronger with increasing number of students enrolling for the renowned program.


An initiative of the “Talk To A Teacher” project of the National Mission on Education through Information Communication launched by the Ministry of Human Resource And Devolopment, MHRD , spoken tutorial is a platform where students can learn open source software for free. Headed by IIT, Bombay it aims at promoting Free And Open Source Software (FOSS) to every child in the country. A 2 hour program using video tutorials, one can learn open source software independently thus bridging the digital divide across regions. Linux,Latex,Scilab,PHP & MySQL, Python,etc are some of them which are available in this project. Through this endeavor more and more students have an opportunity in developing their skills and helping them do so at no cost. The tutorials are also available in various regional languages making it all the more easy and accessible to learn. In order to continue such mission in North East region Assam Engineering College, Guwahati is the Resource Centre helping spread out awareness about it. AEC also holds the responsibility of organizing workshops on behalf of Spoken Tutorials and enlighten the students on various software.

Google Student Ambassador Program

The most favored and sought after brand in the world, Google is in association with Assam Engineering College via its Google Student Ambassador Program, GSA. GSA program provides a unique experience to act as liaisons between Google and the universities and attending the annual GSA summit held every year. The main objective of the program being to help promote and understand the new Google products in the market along with developing an understanding for the culture of each and every university. The program involves organizing competitions on android based platform, map making contest and many more. T-shirt designing and 35mm war (short film documentary) also are an integral part. The program gained momentum in the college with the formation of Google Students Club with one of them being selected as the Google Ambassador. Ambassadors have the opportunity to enhance their professional development, leadership, and communication skills, and access to a unique network of Google Ambassadors across the world. Plus, there’s swag!


With immense pride, we are pleased to announce our association with IBM,an American Multinational. The pioneer in developing technical machines for commercial purposes, IBM, in collaboration with Assam Engineering College, Guwahati aims at providing free training and certification of students for one of its software skills DB2. DB2 is fast growing database software developed by the IBM which is workable on all platforms including OS/2, Unix and MS Windows servers. Every year selected students are given training on DB2 by organizing workshops by the official of IBM. Apart from getting training, the students emerging meritous are declared eligible for IBM’s event “The Great Mind Challenge”. In this event where students from across the nation with their soft skills compete with each other, students from our college too participated and brought laurels in the past. Encouraging such participation, the college hopes of such future success coming in its way. The hopes of our future coinciding and it yielding results for the benefaction of the college seem not too distant as more and more students are getting associated with the program providing it with the much needed impetus.

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